District Director: Călin Gîlea

Calin started his career as a 4-hour-a-week teacher of computer science during his university years which he begun in year 2000. Having a bachelor degree in computer science from the University of Polytechnics in Timisoara, he joined Siemens VDO in 2004 (which 2 years later became Continental AG) where he worked as a computer engineer for several automotive customers, and in this process, he developed some useful skills like time management, project management, and team management.

In 2006 he read a personal development book from Brian Tracy where he found an interesting advice: if you want to develop your self-confidence, and learn how to speak in public, you should join Toastmasters International. Initially disappointed because there were no Toastmasters clubs in Romania, he joined the first club in Romania (Timisoara Toastmasters) in 2009, where he is still a member.

During his Toastmasters years he served three times as club president, once club VPPR, club treasurer and for a short time club secretary. Afterwards, he volunteered for the positions of Area Governor and later Division Director, and after finishing his terms he was awarded as Area Governor of the Year and Division Director of the Year. He organized several National and Area Conferences, the first Summer Bootcamp and Winter Bootcamp in Toastmasters Romania and helped create several clubs in the country. Then he served District 110 as its Club Growth Director.

In his role of Program Quality Director, Calin organized interesting and educative events & trainings, and helped translating Pathways in our native languages.

Calin is also a passionate reader, having a personal library of several thousand books and has many interests and passions like geopolitics, geostrategy, politics, finance, economy, business, science, leadership, public speaking & rhetoric, etc.

Program Quality Director: Balázs Kuzsel

Balazs Kuzsel

Balazs Kuzsel, current Club Growth Director, is a nominated candidate for Program Quality Director, 2021-2022.

Shortly after joining Toastmasters in 2010, he got founding President of Budapest ExxonMobil Associates Toastmasters Club. Served as Area Director (2014-2015) and Division Director (2018-2019). Organized contests and different social events from club to district level. Assisted funding several clubs, founding member of the Hungarian Toastmasters blog (Hello Toasties). Organizer of the first Hungarian Speech Festival in 2020. Awarded as Outstanding member in 2019. Currently serving as Club Growth Director.

Professionally, Balazs is an IT Engineer with an MBA degree, having 20 years of experience working in multinational environments. Working as Team Leader, Project Manager, Product Owner and Critical Incident Manager built and led diverse teams, dealt with conflicting priorities, managed customer expectations and sometimes worked in ‘crisis’ mode.

He is also volunteer at a Hungarian organization (Suhanj! Foundation) supporting disabled ones (Physical or mental) to do sport. Beside of his individual campaigns over the past years he inspired colleagues to start do their campaigns backed up by the company and collectively collected approx. 7500 USD with the last campaign in 2020.

Balazs’s vision includes working in collaboration with the District Director, the Club Growth Director, and the District Executive team to achieve the District Mission. Invest in your growth through our educational program, supporting every member and club to be successful. Ensuring that clubs are of the highest caliber, they are having quality meetings and members get the most out of our education program.

Club Growth Director: Mihai Mleșniță

Started with a role as a Sergeant at arms. Later on, I became Vice President of Education and President of the same club. The DCP points of the club and awards that the members of my club gathered during these 2 terms, gave me a bit more confidence in my strategic abilities and the feeling that “I want to do more” found me again. I found a second family that empowered me to want to show others that being part of Toastmasters would give them respect, integrity, support and excellence while finding their voice in public speaking. So while being an Area Director, I started a new club (PowerSquad Toastmasters) at my place of employment and became President there too.

Later down the line, friends encouraged me to run for Division Director, which came in a very difficult time, but I loved every minute of it. The past three years were a time of discovery and mentorship for me.

While it was difficult, it was also one of the best times I’ve ever had. That being said, Toastmasters values mentorship.

So while the help I received was priceless, I decided to offer mine as early as possible.

This is why I wanted to serve as Division Director and this is why I’m looking to serve as Club Growth Director.

Club Growth Director: Cătălin Pavăl

Catalin PAVAL is a Toastmasters since 2014, and since the begining he was interested in supporting all Toastmasters’ member. He was a club President, a Pathways Guide and

Pathways Ambasador, he was an Area Director, the Chairman of the Realignment Committee, Division Director for Division D (Romania and Moldova), and Parliamentarian of District 110.

Outside of Toastmasters, Catalin studied theology, and in 2007 he became an orthodox priest. He mixed up spirituality with secular way of living by working in sales for companies like

Hochland, Yellow Pages, Telekom, Procter& Gamble, Wella

Professionals, and Coty, and now is part of the top management at Kaufland. He also has his own company in managment and development consulting field and software development.

Division A Director: Csaba Szökőcs

In Toastmasters I am currently the Area Director of D110 A3 and was nominated for Division Director for D110 Division A in 2021-2022. I joined Toastmasters 3 years ago in 2018, and quickly became an active member in my club PestBeszéd. Later I also served there in multiple officer roles like VP Education and VP Mentoring, and after one year I founded a new company club called evotalk Budapest where I was the sponsor and the president of this new club.

In my professional life I work as a Project Leader working with 10 teams in different countries in a software company called evosoft Hungary, and I also give occasional speeches in international software conferences and meetups.

I have also started the official Hungarian translation project for Pathways Level 1 and Level 2 projects together with a small and enthusiastic team. My goal is to finish these projects and make this activity like in a Toastmaster club by handing over the leadership to the next generation to continue the task. This will make it much easier for Hungarian clubs to get new members and follow Pathways projects correctly.

I took an active role in the very difficult period of the pandemic when all clubs, trainings and contests moved online by organizing and making these events more engaging. I believe the online knowledge that we have collected will be important in the future and should be preserved even if this period is over and we can go back to personal meetings. But my most important goal for this year is to give a big boost to all the clubs when we restart and use that euphoria to make them bigger and stronger for long term, so that we can restore our Division to its former glory.

Division B Director: Ludovit Bobula

Ľudovít Bobula is a candidate for Division Director, 2021-2022. He joined the Slovenski Toastmasters club in February 2016. In 2017 started to serve his two terms as VPE and in 2019 became club President. After gaining much experience at the club level, he decided to become Area Director in 2020.

Ľudovít was active in many other nonprofit and student organizations since attending High-School where he acquired many skills during the years. He cofounded a school branch of CHIPS organization, later served as Salesman in AIESEC, and then became Event Manager for student formula racing team STUBA Green Team.

In professional life, Ľudovít has worked as a Business analyst for a major Slovak bank and now is an IT and Management Consultant, where he works on software development, RPA automation, and process optimizations.

As a Division Director, he wants to strengthen the educational potential of Toastmasters, which it provides to the members.

Division C Director: Lenka Landová

My name is Lenka Landová and I am a happily married mother of 2 kids. In Toastmasters I started in 2017 after returning to work from 5 year of maternity leave. Back then my goal was to improve my English speaking skills and network within our corporate club SEA Sharks of ExxonMobil. With a little push from my mentor I not only actively participated but bit by bit went also through the officer’s roles of Treasurer, Vice-president of Education and President. What an amazing journey that all was. And here I am as an Area Director with the experience of responsibility for 5 clubs, organising many events for the Area or all Division and knowing many inspiring people within Toastmasters. Now I am ready to make another big step, next year I would like to become your Division C – Czechia Director.

My current goal is quite different from the beginning of my TM career, I am trying my best to make sure we not only survive this challenging pandemic period but thrive together. We can’t await getting back to “normal”. We need to accept this is the “new normal”. You might have lost members who doesn’t want to meet online, but it’s not the end, let’s find new ones who can learn and develop even if online.

I look forward to help cooperation between clubs, joined meetings, online visits and demo meetings to bring in new members for the new period. I would also like to help by promoting Toastmasters club in Czechia further online.

Division D Director: Adriana Kurtoglu

I feel honored and privileged by my nomination for the position of division director. My trip to Toastmasters started on April 14, 2016 when the Radauti Toastmasters club had its first meeting. I am one of the founders of the club and I am proud of the results of the club 4 years President Distinguished. I have been a club officer for 2 years, treasurer, after one year I was president of the Radauti Toastmasters Club, in 2019-2020 I was area director and now I am VPE.

One of my life principles is to build great relationships and I strongly believe that they should consist on trust and respect.

I am the person who is there when someone needs me, the one that loves people as they are. “Love the people as they are, for better or for worse, because everyone has something special and beautiful to offer” –this was one of the lessons I learned in Toastmasters and I believe we can improve ourselves and it leads us to excellence together.

I will always do my best to keep my word, any commitment for me is crucial for me. No matter how hard it is for me, I will never give up.

The events organized by me have brought a lot of value in the lives of colleagues, in terms of education (well-chosen trainings and trainers who brought a lot of inspiration, motivation and joy), communication between members of the division and creating this wonderful community.

I have listed some of those events for you and approximate number of participants:

– I organized the aria contest 2 times – 35-40 participants/ each event;

– Winter Bootcamp 2018 coordinator operational team 105 participants;

– Winter Bootcamp organizer 2020 115 participants ;

– Organizer of the online Division Conference May , 2020 – 139 participants- our special guest Mohammed Qahtani world champion in public speaking 2017 and Aditya Maheswaran finalist of the world championship 2017.

I want to be a district officer in the role of Division Director to help all the members of my division to feel comfortable in their journeys of self-discovery as speakers. In today’s world, in which everyone is challenged to feel accepted for who they are, Toastmasters makes the difference. Here, new and old members are always home no matter which club they are signed in. The major objectives of the district are to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where all its members can take on responsibilities that provide for maximum personal growth.