The results of the District Leadership Committee interviews and District Officer nominations for Toastmasters Year 2021-2022 are ready!

District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director, as well as all Division Director positions, will be elected by the members of the District Council in Online DCM on May 15th.

Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager, and Area Directors will be appointed by the incoming District Director who will be elected in the DCM on May 15th.

For biographical information about candidates running for elected positions, see the 2021-2022 Candidate’s Corner.

Nominated Candidates

District Core Team – Elected by District Council

District Director: Călin Gîlea
Program Quality Director: Balázs Kuzsel
Club Growth Director: Mihai Mleșniță, Cătălin Pavăl

District Core Team – Appointed by incoming District Director

Administration Manager: Cătălina Moleavin
Finance Manager: Without nomination
PR Manager: Without nomination

Division Directors – Elected by District Council

Division A Director: Csaba Szökőcs
Division B Director: Ludovit Bobula
Division C Director: Lenka Landová
Division D Director: Adriana Kurtoglu

Area Directors – Appointed by incoming District Director

Division A

A1 – Enikő Tóth
A2 – Zsuzsanna Lukács
A3 – Without nomination
A4 – Csaba Valkai
A5 – Balázs Csintalan

Division B

B1 – Without nomination
B2 – Without nomination
B3 – Without nomination
B4 – Martin Šumec
B5 – Mária Markovičová

Division C

C1 – Without nomination
C2 – Without nomination
C3 – Without nomination
C4 – Without nomination
C5 – Oleksij Ponomarov
C6 – Without nomination

Division D

D1 – Narcis Georgescu
D2 – Cătălin Balan
D3 – Andrei Savva
D4 – Florin Ungheanu
D5 – Stella Nani