District Director: Balázs Kuzsel

Balazs Kuzsel

Balázs career started as an IT Engineer and worked almost exclusively in a multinational environment. At ExxonMobil in the past 15 years he has been SAP programmer, Team lead, Track Lead, Product Owner and lately as Analytics Advisor worked with Thai, Singaporean, Indian, Brazilian, Argenteninan, US colleagues and also ones of several European countries.

At the beginning of his Toastmaster career -back in 2010- he was the quiet IT-guy in the corner of the meeting rooms if more than 6 people attended. Big variety of Toastmasters roles helped him to grow out from this introverted state by stretching his comfort zone and striving for new challenges. The stretch was worth it and also promotions came. His public speaking skills were recognized as over the past 6 years at ExxonMobil he played a key role as local advocate for Data Analytics and this gave him the opportunity to share generic topics to broader audiences or specific ones to decision-makers and infect many with the data driven mindset.

Besides Toastmasters Balazs is a sports enthusiast, currently swimming and cycling. Though in the past he competed in Spartan Race and in Triathlon too. Preparing for competitions made him learn much more about the importance of planning, execution (just-do-it attitude) and focus on short/mid/long term goals. Sport led him to support a Hungary based foundation called ‘Suhanj!’ (glide) to guide mental or physical disabled people to enjoy sport or raising funds. By recruiting other charity runners he was able to leverage the support towards this foundation and with a group of other sports enthusiasts he collected more and more donations over the years.

He has a 8 years old daughter, Olivia, who always makes a big smile on his face and blooms unconditional love in his heart :)!

Program Quality Director: Lenka Landová

My name is Lenka Landová and I am czech, though I feel more european than just from our little country. I am a mother of 2 kids these days turning 9 and 11 and their growth allows me to focus on different things then just them and household which I am grateful for.

In Toastmasters I started in 2017 after returning to work from 5 years of maternity leave. Back then my goal was to improve my english speaking skills and network within our corporate club. With a little push from my mentor I not only actively participated but bit by bit went also through the officer’s roles of Treasurer, Vice-president of Education and President. What an amazing journey that all was. Later the higher level of leadership started, Area Director and this year even Division Director of Czech Republic.

As a leader I am mostly enjoying the experience of organizing events for the Area/Division/District to help others connect and grow. Knowing many inspiring people within Toastmasters these days not only in Czechia clubs, but even in the other countries of our District and further made Toastmasters my second family where I feel happy.

Apart being part of my own English corporate club SEA Sharks of ExxonMobil, I also became member of the czech speaking club Professional Toastmasters. And I am trying to attend meetings of our french speaking club Toastamateurs too.

As a leader of Czech Republic I am responsible for my 5 Area directors, trying to guide them on their path while helping also all the clubs. From helping to organize Area matters, organizing or learning to delegate organizing the Division matters (contests, club officers trainings, Demo meetings…), this year I already started on the District level. Apart the 3 divisions joined online officers training in winter, regular Czechoslovak contests, I am a part of the organizing team of the online District conference (13-15.5.’22) and the best event of the year – Residential weekend (10-12.6.’22) where I hope to see you numerous in person!

Professionally I am a teacher at heart (French and mathematics) these years part of international corporate company and changing different administration positions regularly. Lately mainly I love our multicultural environment and helping our internal or external customers.

I love nature, singing in a choir, exercising with fitness or joga and recently you can find me also unlocking the alternative side of the world – being a part of a woman circle, attending workshops on chakras and self-love, reading specific literature, doing angel card readings… Love is the motto

And now I am ready to make another big step, next year I would like to become your Program Quality Director. To help the clubs on a higher and more general level while maintaining all the important events and making sure we enjoy the best quality and cooperation together. No matter if in person or online 😀 I feel I am ready for anything and I am here to serve our Toastmasters Wild East of Europe family to the best of my capacities.

Will you allow me? And will you cooperate so that we can all become the best versions of ourselves?

Division A Director: Balázs Csintalan

In Toastmasters I am currently the Area Director of D110 Division A, Area 5. I joined Toastmasters in 2019 and quickly became an active member in the club and a part of the Executive Committee as a VP IT (unofficial role), and in the next year as a VPE.

In my professional life I work in the IT Industry, where I have worked in different roles over the years, from scrum master to lead developer to trainer.

In the last years in ToastMasters I have taken an active role in the community and help whenever I can:

-I’m part of the Hungarian Pathways translation team

-I’m trying to start new clubs as Club Sponsor and I help as a Club Coach

-I organised the fall COT and TLI in Division A and of course the contests

-I helped organise joint COT with Division C in the spring

-I’m part of the organising team for Residential Weekend 2022

I was nominated for Division A Director for the upcoming Toastmasters year. What keeps me in Toastmasters is a bit different why I originally joined, I have met great people and friends. While online meetings and events are an excellent way to bridge great distances, they are nowhere near the same level as in-person events as far meeting new friends or chatting with old ones. I believe we need to try to move back to the offline world as much as possible to regain some energy that was lost in the transition to online. I would like to help that with as much offline events as possible, whenever possible – of course I know I can’t do it alone, so I hope to find like-minded people.

Although I understand this may not be possible for every event. If some events need to stay online, I hope to work with other Divisions and organize joint events, because that’s the way we can make the best out of the situation and we can meet even with Toastmasters from different countries. We have already worked on joint events last year with other Divisions, I hope to continue doing so, because I believe that together we can make these events even greater!

Division A Director: Balazs Toth

Division C Director: Amani Alawawdeh

In Toastmasters since 2015, served as Secretary, VPE & President in several clubs. Participated in assisting funding & coaching some corporate clubs like Bulls & Bears in addition to her current club Barclays Prague Toastmasters. Organized contests and different social events from club to division level. Currently serving as Area Director.

Professionally, an entrepreneur & lifelong quality assurance enthusiast with passion for design. Currently working in IT & having 15 years of experience working in multinational environments.

My vision is to serve the division through the support of the area directors by setting goals, coordinating activities & assisting in the training of area and club leaders. Dedicated to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfils its responsibilities to its members.

Division D Director: Andrei Savva

“Two months after I joined Toastmasters Bucuresti, which I did for socialization purposes, my direct boss told me –  “Andrei, you are new to Sales, and you are quite bad at it. However this Toastmasters thing, I don’t know what you are doing there, but keep doing it. Congratulations for today’s presentation”. My quick and dramatic conversion from a mechanical engineer to a (decent) Sales Engineer was only one of many benefits that I reaped during my  years in Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a great tool for self development, and some people around you will notice it.

Since 2016, I have tried many leadership positions, starting with Sergeant-at-Arms and progressing  to  Area Director. It is a lot of work, but it is also fun. My conclusion is that Toastmasters is not only a great personal development tool, but also a valuable civic improvement activity. In the age of “digital solitude”, Toastmasters is bringing people together, where they tell stories, debate and learn to speak their mind. Toastmasters is teaching us that values are important, so we repeat “Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence” during every meeting. Effective communication is a great skill that nonetheless requires a lot of training.

My intention as a Division Director is to:

  • Assist the recovery of our clubs after two years of COVID pandemic
  • Get the speakers back in front of live audiences, get the members and guests to socialize face to face
  • Strengthen the community of Division D through live events – Bootcamps, Autumn and Spring Contests

I am convinced that the best Toastmasters experience happens live, and ZOOM meetings are just a temporary tool for overcoming pandemic restrictions. Offline we can connect, tell stories, and build our community of word crafters. Because words beat swords.”