Candidate for Division Director, District 110 , Division D – Mihai Mlesnita DTM

Mihai Mlesnita

Home Club: PowerSquad Toastmasters

Personal statement: If you want to be fast, go alone, if you go a long way, go together.

Qualifications for Service: DTM, executive MBA with US and EU accreditation, 9 years of project management experience and 5 years on project management training experience, where I trained over 500 proffesionals in their quest to receiving the most prestigious project management diploma PMI – PMP.

Job Title/Employer: Project manager @ IBM, currently leading teams across 3 continents

Project Manager Trainer @ Axioma, currently offering PMI – PMP and SAFe 5 (all courses and certifications) as well as professional consulting for IT companies that are looking to improve their projects and operations.

Relevant Work Experience: 9 years a manager, 4 years a trainer, 3 years a Toastmaster (VPE, 2 times president, club founder, area director, club coach)

Education: Toastmasters!! (I actually learned a lot in my path to DTM), eMBA, Over a dozen project management certifications

Hobbies and Interests:

  • I like talking (that’s why I’m in Toastsmasters and I’m also a trainer),
  • I like having friends (that is why I keep getting involved in a lot of initiatives and I like helping others),
  • I like all motorsport flavours (if it runs on gas and rubber, I need to be there)

Volunteer Experience:

I founded PowerSquad Toastmasters.

I’ve helped Sirius Toastmaster be the 31st best club in the World (in 2018-2019), as ranked by Toastmasters International.

I’ve hosted a series of webminars for District 110 in 2019-2020. See them here:

Honours/Recognition inside Toastmasters: DTM 🙂

Honours/Recognition outside Toastmasters:

I hold 42 badges (recognised by several companies) for things from technical excellence, management, mentorship, consulting, building teams, delivering business value, delivering trust, leading initiatives. See them here:

Other information:

While trying to find the time to fill in this application, a question popped into my head: “Why am I doing this?” The answer is 2 fold: On one side, this is an opportunity for me to grow, on the other side, this is an opportunity for me to give back. Some time back, someone told me: A man should always have at least a mentor and a mentee, in order to never stop growing.