Balazs Kuzsel

Balazs Kuzsel, DTM

Club Growth Director

Balázs career started as an IT Engineer and worked almost exclusively in a multinational environment. At ExxonMobil in the past 15 years he has been SAP programmer, Team lead, Track Lead, Product Owner and lately as Analytics Advisor worked with Thai, Singaporean, Indian, Brazilian, Argenteninan, US colleagues and also ones of several European countries.

At the beginning of his Toastmaster career -back in 2010- he was the quiet IT-guy in the corner of the meeting rooms if more than 6 people attended. Big variety of Toastmasters roles helped him to grow out from this introverted state by stretching his comfort zone and striving for new challenges. The stretch was worth it and also promotions came. His public speaking skills were recognized as over the past 6 years at ExxonMobil he played a key role as local advocate for Data Analytics and this gave him the opportunity to share generic topics to broader audiences or specific ones to decision-makers and infect many with the data driven mindset.

As Program Quality Director his main focus is to get the most out of the challenging covid situation and bring the value of Toastmasters to many.

Besides Toastmasters Balazs is a sports enthusiast, currently swimming and cycling. Though in the past he competed in Spartan Race and in Triathlon too. Preparing for competitions made him learn much more about the importance of planning, execution (just-do-it attitude) and focus on short/mid/long term goals. Sport led him to support a Hungary based foundation called ‘Suhanj!’ (glide) to guide mental or physical disabled people to enjoy sport or raising funds. By recruiting other charity runners he was able to leverage the support towards this foundation and with a group of other sports enthusiasts he collected more and more donations over the years.

He has a 8 years old daughter, Olivia, who always makes a big smile on his face and blooms unconditional love in his heart :)!