Iszabella Takacs, ACS, ALB

PR Manager

Iszabella has 18 years’ experience in the marketing field and over 8 years in the top management area.
She loves to communicate with people, both face-to-face and in a written way. She is passionate about
reading books, photography, and graphics, which helps her as well in the marketing field. In her opinion,
it is all about communication skills. Along the way, she organized dozens of events, delivered dozens of
training and workshops and wrote hundreds of articles.

A Toastmaster member since 2015, she becomes a Club officer (VP Education) in 2016-2017 and helps
her home club to gain the first President Distinguished title with 10 DCP. One of the main challenges of
that year was the PR Chair at the District 95 Spring Conference. She got the “outstanding member” pin
for proper communication☺ and good organizing skills. After that, in 2017 – 2018, she becomes an Area
Director. She succeeds to implement two main projects in her mandate: an area boot camp and serial
events like a caravan for every club in her area. She received in that year the “Triple crown” award.
Then, she took the challenge to be the Division D PR Manager, which brings her another “outstanding
member” pin and then PR Chair for the District 110 Spring Conference in 2019. Last year she serves our District as Administration Manager.

In her role as a PR Manager, she wants to grow the visibility or our District, so that every member could know what are the main important news from the District and each people that wants a proper environment to exercise the ability of public speaking or leadership to find us as a perfect place to be: The Toastmasters Community.

Besides that, she loves to travel all over the world, to meet new people, new countries and new
cultures. All that makes her a better person and gives her the drive to rediscover herself, year by year.