Izabella Magyari 

Finance Manager

My Toastmaster journey started in 2017 when I joined bp and  first heard about it and attended my first meeting. It got me right there and then. The energy, the fantastic people and the fact that I am a talker and I wanted to be really good at it were the first attractions. My continuous desire to learn was another one. Learning is a hunger that I find difficult to satiate. My interests span from health& nutrition to the sky (literally, as in space) and lots of things in between. This one hunger, to become a very good speaker is still there and it keeps me progressing on Pathways. I have many awards, but there is 1 particular I wish to achieve: become a Distinguished Toastmaster. Once I get there, I will re-start competing.

The Toastmaster`s clubs have and are giving me so much! I find it important to reciprocate, so there is no year when I am not fulfilling some kind of club officer role and there is hardly any club meeting when I don`t step into the shoes of a role taker. Mentoring fellow Toastmasters and supporting the club, the area, the division and the district are milestones I wasn`t even aware existed. I was perplexed when I first found out and was waiting to be ready. That`s when the District Officer role of being the Finance Manager came my way (through my predecessor Balazs Gergely). I worked and am working in Finance at present, but being a finance manager for District 110 is an honor and a challenge that is developing not only my skills but my personality too.