Lukas Liebich, DTM

Immediate Past District Director

Lukas started his career as a management consultant in Accenture in 2010. Four years later he got enchanted by the company culture of MSD – and joined as Project Manager. Along the way he started picking up presentation and facilitation skills attending meetings of Prague Business Toastmasters and other Prague’s speaking clubs.

After gaining experience with trainings (and making his audiences sing Britney Spears’ songs) in Toastmasters, he brought that skill to the professional world and since then has delivered trainings in various corners of the planet (Austin, Moscow, Singapore, to name a few).

A Toastmaster since 2012, he has become a Club Officer (VP Membership) on his day one as a member and held one offier role or another ever since. He organized the first Corporate Summit in Prague, supported founding of Prague’s numerous Toastmasters clubs and even gave one speech in Russian, even he does not really speak that language.

In his role as Immediate Past District Director, Lukas takes care of District’s Succession Planning and is ready to provide advice to the current District Core Team whenever needed.

Besides managing projects and delivering trainings Lukas keeps himself entertained by blogging at, reading books on management and strategy and mentoring future leaders in the Wild East of Europe District of Toastmasters International.