Our District Conference passed so fast but we are still inspired by the great performance our colleagues had.
Congratulations to all Contests winners!
Each contest brings a new experience for our community and members.
Fellow Toastmasters your evolution is our inspiration!
Table Topics
  1. 1st Adrian Jobek
  2. 2nd Szilvia Szorcsok
  3. 3rd William Anderson
  1. 1st Susanna Lähteelä
  2. 2nd Alex MacIntosh
  3. 3rd Peter Hajdu
Humorous Speech
  1. 1st Adrian Jobek
  2. 2nd Trevor Smith
  3. 3rd Ciprian Breca
International Speech
  1. 1st Vitaliy Rulyov
  2. 2nd Klaudia Franciska Fodor
  3. 3rd Susanna Lähteelä
Keep on the great work and best of luck at upcoming contests!